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General conditions

  1. Arrivals: the time of the arrivals is previewed between h. 16,00 and h. 20.00

  2. Arrivals extra time: the tourists who arrive after h. 21,00 and before midnight will have to pay on the spot Euro 20,00, the tourists who arrive after h. 24,00 will have to pay on the spot Euro 25,00, because a collaborator of the Trinacria set service will grant the guests out of work hours, even if preventively he/she was informed by the tourist or the Tour Operator. For the arrivals on Sundays and during the (Italian) festivities, there is an extra to pay    by the clients on the spot € 25,00.

  3. Departures: the time of the departures is previewed between h. 8,00 and h. 10.00

  4. Departures out the previewed times: the tourists in departure before Saturday or in departure in very early Saturday morning, will receive the bail back through mail or through the Tour Operator, after that Trinacria set service have made the controls of the rented structure, deducting the expenses for the eventual damages brought to the house, or part of the house, and deducting the expenses for the electric consumption and final cleaning. The tourists, to such purpose, are invite to read the electric meter to check the final Kw. If the tourists opt for the restitution of the bail via mail, they will have to leave to Trinacria set service their deliveries.

  5. The minimal stay: the period of the minimal stay is of 7 days; the departure and arrival day is the Saturday. Only in some special cases, exceptions are permitted.

  6. Terms of cancellation of one reservation:
    6.A) Cancellation more than 121 days before the lease: Total reimbursement of the price of the lease ; 6.B) Cancellation between 61 and 120 days before the lease: reimbursement of the 80% of the price of the lease ; 6.C) Cancellation between 31 and 60 days before the lease: reimbursement of 50% of the price of the lease ; 6.D) Cancellation 30 days before the lease: no reimbursement of the price of the  lease.

  7. Assurance: Trinacria Set Service recommends the customers to stipulate an assurance for cancellation travels., and to cover structural and material, civil/penal damages, in the comparisons of themselves and of thirds party, in the chosen destinations. In contrary case, the Trinacria set service does not assume any responsibilities in merit. Competent hole: Siracusa is worth the Italian language.

  8. Payments: in the confirming moment of a booking, it will be required to the Client an account of the payment through bank transfer; then at the arrival day in the booked structure, the Client will pay the balance in cash. In case of payments through credit card, with the Trinacria ’s link to BancaSella/PayPal, the extra cost for its commission of the 3%, that is charged to the payer.

  9. Banking coordinates:
    C.da Medichiccio
    96014 Floridia (SR) Italy

    Agenzia 1 SIRACUSA
    Codice Swift: PASCITM1B56
    IBAN: IT 96 I 01030 17103 000001104931

  10. Claims: eventual claims and decisions will bilaterally agreed between the Client and Trinacria set service, on the spot.

  11. Change of booked structure: if in case out of Trinacria’s will and control, it happened that the Client was moved to a different structure from the one he has booked, Trinacria takes the duty to give a structure of the same or high category, but any reimburse is due to the Client.

  12. Linen: the linen for beds, bath and kitchen will be replaced every Saturday, or left for the following weeks of stay.

  13. Final Cleaning: it is effected by Trinacria Set Service ‘s staff at the end of the stay; it is not included in the rental cost.

  14. Midweek Cleaning: it is on request, it is Euro 8,00 each person considering the rented house entirely occupied.

  15. Cooker: the service of a chef who cooks for the guests directly in the villa/structure has to be communicated at least 36 hours in advance. The cost is € 160 till 6 persons, € 200 from 7 to 10 persons. The shopping for the food is excluded.

  16. Electric Consumption: it is calculated by reading the electric meter, deducting the final KW to the initial KW; each used KW is Euro 0,25. The reading of the meter is made in presence of the tourist.

  17. Heating: upon request, the tourists will use catalytic stoves with cylinder of gas of Kg. 10, which is € 35 per week; or electric stoves, paying the relative consumption of electricity to the meter. In the structures provided with air-conditioning, the consumption is visible from the meter and will have to be paid on the spot with the general electric consumption of the house.    In the structures with fire place, it is possible to have the wood, about 6 boxes of 20 kg each, enough for one week, and it is Euro 80 to be paid on the spot even if the client won’t use all of it.

  18. The structures names: sometimes, for closely trades reasons, the names associated to some structures can not correspond with those real ones, but instead they can be entrusted of fantasy by the Trinacria. However they remain truthful in the descriptions and in the photos.

  19. Added bed / Cot / Barbecue / TV: upon request, the clients will have to request beforehand of the extra bed (€ 100,00 in August time, € 70,00 per week for the rest of the year), the baby cot (€ 35,00 per week), a TV (€ 30 per week), and a barbecue (€ 30 per week) paying on the spot the extra charge. For some structures there are different conditions, please ask our office)

  20. Transfer from/to Catania Airport: on preventive request, with the limit of 4 persons at a time, € 90,00 one way.

  21. Maintenance/Cleaning of the swimming pools : for all the structures provided of swimming pool, for the ordinary maintenance or cleaning of the same, upon request, the tourists can ask the intervention of specialized staff that will take care of the swimming pool. Each intervention is € 25,00, and the products are included. The tourists are held to respect the instruction given by Trinacria set service, about the maintenance of the swimming pool.

  22. Deposit : the tourists will lodge a deposit that will be returned at the end of the stay, after having deducting the expenses for the eventual damages brought to the house, or part of the house, and deducting the expenses for the electric consumption and the final cleaning. Besides, it is demanded an insurance in defence of the rented houses and in defence of the civil/penal responsibility, for at least € 1.500.000,00.

  23. Extra costs: the tourists will have to pay the extra costs for requests on the spot, before their departures.

  24. Meeting Points:1. Trinacria Set Service will communicate to the Tour Operator or to the Clients the instructions to get the meeting points, and it will communicate the eventual works in progress and the variations, in case they were at knowledge of Trinacria Set Service. In contrary chance, the tourists will have to disentangle, making use of the suggested road signs in that moment.

  25. Festivities: the periods of Easter, Christmas and the New Year Eve are included in the prices of period C of our list prices.